Business Relations

Introduction to investors and publishers

The “elusive” kind: investors and publishers

Conferences, conventions and fairs

Conferences and other professional game industry events are essential for finding private funding, publishers and collaboration partners. Many incubators organise conference trips for their companies. Sharing a booth with other companies can lower expenses significantly, and some incubators are even able to give out travel grants for their companies. If the incubator is well known, participating under its brand can make a company more interesting for potential partners. It is also very helpful to have both peer and staff support available at the conference, since they can be very overwhelming.

Matchmaking and speed-dating


Pitching sessions with investors

The ultimate goal of an investor is to help start-ups become successful companies. As in most cases the first stepping stone of “success” is by attracting an investor to finance their games, it is vital for an incubator to build up good relations with investors and publishers. A good preparation for the reality of competitive environments is having pitching session in a dry-run fashion at the incubator. The most effective “rehearsal” is to have investors and publishers ready to work with the start-ups.

Awards and other competition events

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