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2021-07-29 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Breda Game City supports Breda studios at gamescom 2021

Breda Game City announces its presence at this year’s gamescom & devcom, where they will attend with a Breda delegation and host a digital Breda booth to connect the city’s talent with a worldwide audience! Read more

2021-06-25 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

BSGI Transnational Webinar VODs!

Check out Baltic Sea Games’ first two transnational webinars! Read more

2021-06-24 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Concept for Game Mentoring and Investment Workshops

The concept for game mentoring and investment workshops translates the intention of work package 2 to pilot transnational actions that would encourage the private-for-profit sector to engage with incubators and start-ups. Read more

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