Support Systems

Public authorities, affiliated agencies, funding agencies, clusters.

Committed Public Authorities

The appreciation of the economic value and high potential of the game business is growing with public authorities. Where the industry is mature or highly successful, there is a stronger commitment to the industry than in regions where the industry is still emerging, and success is still at an early stage.

This commitment goes hand in hand with understanding and knowing the industry. This is reflected in employing dedicated officers that participate in community and game market events or public engagement with the community (e.g. inauguration of gamesweek Berlin 2019 by the Governing Mayor of Berlin or appearance of German Chancellor Merkel at gamescom and the German Computer Game Award).

The interest and engagement of public authorities is mostly linked to location marketing, IT talent growth and start-up support. This is where the incubator has an advantageous position within the community. If the incubator has strong ties to the community, public authorities will consider them a good partner in their endeavours to support the game business. They would see the incubator representing the game community and as professional support for start-ups to become successful businesses.

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