The choice of the game platform is decisive for business planning


It is important that the incubator understands how game companies can profit from their games. Each game platform introduces different approaches. What choice should the game company make? Some will choose to work with one specific platform, others will make sure their games suit multiple platforms. The platform choice also affects which sale channels to use and appropriate marketing efforts. Some will choose to use their own means for this, others will apply to publishers.

What is the difference between the different platforms? The following are the four big ones when it comes to video games.

Steam and other content servers

Steam and other content servers like Microsoft store and Epic store offer digital distribution of games (mostly PC-games) directly to the customers, for a small cost for the game developer. The game company earns money with every sale.

Games as a Service (GaaS)

Games as a Service refers to games that make their profits on subscriptions or in-game purchases. This allows for continued profits even after the game release, and often keeps players engaged for a longer time. To make this happen the game company has to constantly offer a new and upgraded content.

Games for mobiles

Games for mobiles are delivered through App Store, Android Apps, etc. The game company receives a small amount of money for each download. Mobile games are often combined with in-game services and the sale of advertisement space to ensure profits.

Console games

Console games are a huge part of the game industry. Consoles are a significant platform for game developers. The major ones are Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo.