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The Game Business Developers: Game Incubators, Accelerators and Other supporters

The importance of game incubators or accelerators and other types of game business development support for collaboration is similar to the importance of the game community. Obviously, there might be some competition amongst these organisations that could potentially interfere with a smooth relationship. But, looking at the bigger picture, there is an array of benefits from collaborating with other incubators or accelerators.1As with „coaching and mentoring“, there is a tedious discussion on the terminology front. We use the terms “incubation” and “acceleration” as two complementary building blocks in the business development of start-ups.

We strongly believe that a game development support organisation will benefit from working in a network, to keep up to date with industry knowledge, to strengthen their ties to communities beyond their regional scope, to allow for joint activities that they could not afford on their own, to exchange their increasing knowledge on how to best support young game developers and to join forces in creating strong ties to international investors and publishers together rather than competing for them.

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