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Other Game Incubators and Accelerators

The importance of other game incubators and accelerators for collaboration is similar to the importance of the game community. Obviously, there might be some competition that could potentially interfere with a smooth relationship. But, looking at the wider picture, there is an array of benefits from collaborating with other incubators or accelerators.1As with „coaching and mentoring“, there is a tedious discussion on the terminology front. We use the terms “incubation” and “acceleration” as two complementary building blocks in the business development of start-ups.

As outlined above, building and further growing industry knowledge, and strengthening one’s network are definitely outcomes of fostering good relationships with other incubators / accelerators. Beyond that, there are a range of collaborative activities that would benefit all participating incubators. For this, the community spirit needs to apply also to the incubators as part of the game industry ecosystem.

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