Programme Design

Choosing the right formats for competence building

Understanding your target groups

The very first question when considering setting up any kind of game incubation type is why or rather who do you want to cater for? A regional focus entails the question: is a dedicated game incubation actually needed in the region? More generally, regardless whether you have a regional or transnational focus: Are you filling a niche or market gap?

On the understanding that the answer is “yes”, the most fundamental asset you’ll have is your programme. It’s design will determine a lot of other decision, however, a programme as such is flexible and will need to adapt to new clients, new approaches, new realities etc. It can take on many forms, from purely remote and online, or temporary or for a short intense period, to a fixed syllabus in a physical location over several years.

A perfect, if not easy approach would be to build your programme with the knowledge of problems of existing incubators and to create an incubator that would be a better “ product” bringing better added value to its participants. Vital in such approach is to precisely realise weak points of already existing incubators in order to offer something better.

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