What is your support focus: business or creativity?

Design or business?

Naturally, the question whether to focus on coaching your teams to produce a better product or to run a profitable and stable business is not as clear-cut as it may sound. Both areas are in fact two sides of a coin. However, a sound business can survive the failure of a product, but a good product may fail due to the lack of business savvy.

Games that e.g. win awards or get public seed funding are not automatically fit for the market or of interest to investors. They might well be very attractive in their design, story or gameplay, but too exotic for the market, too complicated in their gameplay etc. These teams would definitely need support in terms of a market oriented game development.

The devil’s advocate might ask you: why would you want to incubate teams that do not aim at growth and a stable business, that only think of being creative, but not interested in the business tasks that come along if you want to “do business”?

The answer lies in the middle and your best offer is a well balanced flexible programme with a range of elements looking in the design quality and business effectiveness.

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