Case Study: Carbon Incubator

A Unique Approach to Game Incubation

We take a unique approach to indie growth. Carbon believes that for an indie to succeed, long-term nurturing is the ideal path, up to the product’s completion.

Our focus lies in the product; we want to help you make the best game you can, and to develop your team’s skills in the process.

Carbon doesn’t commonly take equity or ownership. Your company will remain 100 % independent. Therefore, our business model is based strictly on revenue-share: we share the risk with you and we are committed to help you succeed up to the product’s completion, and further.

Tier 1: Incubation

Carbon’s share: 10 % share of the game’s net revenues.

Tier 2: Acceleration (includes Tier 1 services)

Carbon’s share: 20 % share of the game’s net revenues.

Tier 3: Funding (includes Tier 1 & 2 services)

Carbon’s share: 30% share of the game’s net revenues.