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Understanding staff and workflow requirements.

The Golden Compass: the Right Team Composition

Listening to Game Investors, they say the team is more important than the game. And business developers will always impress this point on their team. Though it is not easy for a business developer, to say to a team that they are not well balanced. It is okay to say they are lacking someone (mostly someone interested in the business side of things), but to say that someone needs to be the boss or that there are too many of one expertise is certainly more delicate, as teams often are formed during their studies, starting on an equal footing.

Understanding the need for more entrepreneurial skills and staff with a liking for it, has led to study programmes offering “game producer” or “game manager” education, such as Game Hub Denmark1Link:, or Cnam Enjmin in Angoulême (France) offering “Project management” as part of their game development education2Link: le cnam.

Another aspect that comes into play is the question of freelancers or outsourcing through a sub-contract. A business plan would explain the advantages and risks of working with freelancers and subcontractors.

Still quite rare, but a growing trend is co-production as opposed to subcontracting


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