Case Study: Game Hub Scandinavia

Connecting publishers, investors, and institutions with Scandinavian industry players from the game industry.


Game Hub Scandinavia1Game Hub Scandinavia: is an entry point and one-stop-shop for both budding and weathered game developers. Its extensive network of partners in the game industry supports start-ups, developers, publishers and investors to match up with.

Game Hub Scandinavia 2.0 is funded by the EU regional development fund Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak, sub-region Kattegat-Skagerrak (KASK) under the development-area “Employment”. The project is a continuation of the knowledge gained in our previous successful projects, similarly called Game Hub Scandinavia (2016-2018) and Scandinavian Game Developers (2012-2015).


In the Game Hub Scandinavia 2.0 project the participating incubators collaborate closely by e.g. having weekly meetings on the development of the programme, performance of incubated companies, and other activities that require a joint effort. 

Furthermore, the incubators collaborate on the development and execution of masterclasses and workshops (physical as well as digital), conferences, participation at external industry events, and global branding of the Scandinavian indie game industry.