How to set up and run a game incubator.

Embarking on the Game Incubator Journey

When planning a game incubator set-up, a number of considerations need to be taken into account. E.g. the target groups that shapes the type of incubator you want to run (concept), the financing model that determines the scope and programme of your incubator, and the long-term vision that drives your business plan. These topics will be elaborated below.

This roadmap cannot provide turnkey answers. Rather the roadmap seeks to address relevant topics and questions when embarking on the game incubator journey.

It is important to keep in mind that developing an incubator is different from launching an accelerator. The latter aims at moving forward a start-up who already has some experience and may be able to provide an almost finished product in a short period of time. An incubator deals with companies that are at an earlier stage of their lifespan. Thus, these companies need more basic mentoring. They also need more time to grow towards being sustainable or ready to participate in an acceleration programme.

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