Company Profile

An important communication tool.


A company profile is a professional summary of the business and its activities and therefore an important communication tool. It reflects decisions & accomplishments already made in the company as part of the overall business plan, strategic decisions, productions carried out, games launched, etc. A company needs a company profile if it wants to raise capital and win investors, but can also use it to inform other stakeholders, including clients, co-developers, publishers, etc.

The Company Profile

Business Details

When you begin, gather the details listed below. These items should appear at the beginning of your company profile. Keep them accurate and up to date.

  • Company name
  • Date of formation
  • Physical address per location
  • Phone numbers
  • Website URL
  • Email address

Company Basics

  • Description of the business including the mission and / or vision
  • Product descriptions
  • Description of services (if relevant)
  • History, expansion, and growth
  • Public relations
  • Core team details


Also relevant for a game studio’s company profile can be notable achievements and accomplishments such as:

  • Awards
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews (from media as well as consumers)
  • News or media recognition

Optional Items

The following items sometimes feature in company profiles but might not be relevant for early-stage start-ups that haven’t yet converted their first product into sales. But, for more mature game development companies that have something to show, it can be a good idea to include them.

  • Annual sales
  • Financial targets
  • Number of employees
  • Partners (e.g. publishers, investors)
  • Grants received
  • Art / in-game photos or video clips.