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Game industry business models, specifically monetisation models, are quite different from other tech companies. The most crucial element of any business – how to bring in money – is something a general tech incubator can rarely help with, when it comes to games. It reflects a complex, ever changing network of strategic decisions, in which most companies need industry specific support. This also applies to publishing platforms and visibility on them.

A business plan is usually a written document for a specific addressee or purpose and is a compilation on plans (financial plans, marketing plans, recruitment plans, operation plans, etc.). In addition, a business plan can serve different purpose and address different stakeholoder.

As a business developer coach, you will provide guidance in designing different issues of the plans with different emphasis d. A business plan is focused on operation with a higher degree of candour and self-analysis, when designed for internal use, and focused more on “making a good impression” and presenting your plans in a favourable light when designed for external stakeholer, e.g.

  • an elevator pitch or a pitch deck for a game investor will differ from
  • applying for funding with a public authority or a loan from a bank.



  • Elite Game Developers: high quality source with a lot of free content for an ambitious game start-up (e.g. VC funding, board work, strategic thinking, etc.)
  • Game Developers Conference YouTube: huge amount of resources with case study presentations
  • GDC Vault: “Going Indie: 10 Questions to Help You Decide if It’s Right for You”

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