Community Events

Getting to know your community

Business socialising

The game community distinguishes itself from other “innovative and creative businesses” communities through its openness and willingness to share. “Why would I not tell others which engine I use, what story I tell?”. “Because the success is not the story – but the way I tell it, not the engine or software I use, but what I create with it.” Game developers are usually a very sociable bunch and it is easy to become part of it. As an incubator you help break the ice and overcome initial inhibitions with the young people or newly settled teams. There are many community events that combine fun with getting to know the “right people” for the respective start-up team.

The old story: Boys and girls

It’s common knowledge and yet too often not taken into account: boys and girls – where there is too many of one, the other feels uncomfortable. Games is still a male domain – unbelievable but true. Going to a mass event where 90% seem to know each other, would be intimidating to any newcomer, an event where 95% are male, might be off-putting for many female young developers. There are ways to give them strength such as meeting up with the other females beforehand and then walking into the event as the “girls group”. Just think about it!

Example Game Jams

Game jams are very popular in the global game development community. A game jam is roughly comparable to a hackathon; a short period of time, typically 48 or 72 hours, during which small teams create a themed game from scratch. Jams are considered to be great for team spirit and creativity, and companies established around jam games are not unheard of. Organising game jams or participating as a location for a global game jam, can be an inspiring offering. It can also be used as a gateway for young teams to get to know the incubator.