About This Roadmap

How to use this roadmap as a guide towards a bespoke incubation set-up.

We think “game start-up support”

Even though we keep using the term “incubation”, we want to keep an open mind as the landscape and the practices in “incubation” are fluid and constantly evolving. So, we embrace all kinds of start-up support in our thinking: accelerators, supportive co-working environment, university labs, online programmes, summer camps, etc. There is not yet a core standard or best practice to which one could easily resort to. However, there are a lot of experiences relating to specific environments, starting points, basic conditions that provide key pieces to the larger puzzle.

Determine your own yellow brick road

To facilitate getting the full picture, we suggest you start with “Operation” and in particular the incubation models. This will provide the basic building block (or yellow bricks) for moving on.

No cutting corners

Though “Operation” and “Programme – Topics & Design ” might seem to equip you with the main ingredients for running a game incubation programme, you risk struggling to keep it up and running, not to mention being competitive, if you neglect to think further – which means: read through the “Ecosystem” to find your place and determine you long-term mission, think “outside your regional box” and check out “Introduction to the Ecosystem” and “Marketing“.