Game Education Institutions

Game Education institutions are a large nurturing ground for young talents.


Education environments tend to be encapsulated (e.g. students-only communities). Often, the organisation itself is not thought of as a core part of the community, even though individual students and their professors go to game community events and as individuals are seen as part of the community. The professors also often participate as speakers, trainers, etc. in events, or act as advocates for game industry needs.

From an incubation point of view, however, education institutions are often an integral part of their ecosystem. Either because the incubator was initiated within the university or there are strong ties for other reasons. Obviously, game education programmes offer perfect grounds for recruiting game devs that think about opening up their own business.

On the other hand, more and more universities have come to understand the importance of entrepreneurial skills to complement the artistic or technical skills of their students. In this case, it is them who reach out to the incubators for collaboration. The transitional phase from secondary or tertiary education is often called pre-incubation. Here, the basic rationale for incubation and business development is communicated.

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