Game Incubation Landscape in Europe

Appraisal of the Game Incubation Landscape of the BSR in the European Context


“The Game Incubation Landscape in Europe – Appraisal of the Game Incubation Landscape of the BSR in the European Context” by Pedro Santoro Zambon, Ph.D.

An incubation programme can be broadly characterised as “the way in which an incubation entity provides support to start-ups to improve the probability of survival of the portfolio companies and accelerate their development” (Pauwels et al., 2016, p. 2).

Incubation is taken as a programme focused on developing the knowledge bases of the ventures, generating, as a direct effect, the expansion of cognitive proximity, preparing start-ups in a controlled environment before entering the market.

Acceleration, in turn, focuses on connecting the start-up with global production and investment networks, catalysing the potential of the enterprise through seed investment.

Although incubators may offer networking related to attracting investment opportunities, they do not make direct investments in the ventures; their focus is on the quality of the entrepreneurial experience, and on the validation of the game and the business in its emerging stage.

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About the Author

Pedro Santoro Zambon has been commissioned by BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH in the context of the BGI project to appraise different incubation approaches in Europe to provide a comparative view for the BGI incubation pilot results.

He is the manager of São Paulo’s Digital Games cluster and Coordinator of GamesBR project, a hub of knowledge about the Brazilian digital games industry, market intelligence consultant for the games industry, providing services to policy makers and civil society institutions, such as Abragames (Brazilian Association of Digital Game Developers).

Pedro is also a civil society representative at the National Council for Cultural Policies 2019/2022 and a mentor at the Finnish incubator Living Game Intelligence Network (LGIN) which had been piloted during the BGI project.