Why marketing your incubator is so important.

The nuts and bolts of success

One of the wisdoms we want to impart to your (and are doing so repeatedly across the whole roadmap…) is:

take your own medicine!”

Do a bit of soul-searching and question yourself: “Do I practice as I preach?”. Everyone keeps preaching: marketing is the nuts and bolts to success, i.e. reaching out to your target groups in a way that gets their attention and presents your product in a way that tells them it is what they always needed and wanted.

That works for your game development teams as well as for your own service.

In discussions with experienced game business developers1BSG events:, we not only got mixed but contradictory messages:

  • we need more teams – we have already too many teams
  • we do not have enough resources
  • we are publicly funded and that limits are scope of reach-out

Bottom line: we do not invest specifically into marketing. We focus on our funding and invest our time in convincing the authorities to keep funding us.

Let us convince you to consider marketing beyond (and including) convincing your funding authorities.

Think about your target groups, the people

  • to work with
  • to connect with
  • to finance your business
  • to get something done from
  • to recommend you

and make sure your image and renown attracts the right people.

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