Meet the Baltic Sea Game Incubators

Dedicated Game Incubation in the BSR

Incubator Infographics

As part of the EU-Interreg project “Baltic Game Industry” (BGI), several new incubators were initiated to complement the existing ones, putting the Baltic Sea region on the map as a hub for game incubation.

Have a quick glance at them with these infographics. For more information and links, scroll down and check out indications below the graphics.

Many of these incubators have been created out of pilots run during the BGI project. Some have piloted new approaches or layers to their existing programme. The experiences, the circumstances, and the resulting decision provide interesting insights and lessons learnt – helping you avoid re-inventing some wheels.

Check out the publication below in resources “Implementation examples of game incubation”.

Learn more about the individual game incubators:

Game Hub Denmark

Aalborg, Grenå and Viborg, DK –

A stand-alone incubator with university affiliations. We teach, develop and support computer game startups, with the purpose of helping the founders to build sustainable and successful game companies. As a startup game company joining Game Hub Denmark, you become part of Denmark’s best and most ambitious support program for startup companies in the games industry. We have locations in the cities of Aalborg, Grenå and Viborg.

Game Hub Denmark is a non-profit organisation, and with no investment or ownership of the games or companies we support, we will work directly with publishers, investors or other partners to generate growth and business on behalf of the companies we support.

Sting Incubator

Stockholm, SE –

The dedicated game programme is part of the larger incubation-accelerator programme by the organisation Sting.

Sting Incubate gives you up to 12 months of tailor-made coaching and support to successfully launch your product and grow your business faster. You get a personal coach with a background from your field.

Your personal coach has entrepreneurial experience and a network from your field and will challenge you to aim higher and reach further. You can get a seed investment of SEK 500 000 from Propel Capital and we give you access to investors all over Europe to help find and attract the right kind of financing.

The HIVE – Turku Game Hub

Turku, FI –

It is one of the game industry clusters in Finland, with focus on creating new collaborative opportunities that enhance the local gaming community growth and business development. We provide various open events and meetups, seminars and workshops with companies, educational partners, students and public sector representatives that aim to provide new co-business opportunities and place of continuous learning!

At Hive, you can benefit from our community-driven ecosystem where our team of experts are there to mentor and guide your ideas and bring necessary support in achieving international growth. Our services aim to build a solid platform for collaboration between games industry startups and more established companies, research and public sector professionals.

LGIN – Living Game Intelligence Network

Helsinki, FI –

A network of game start-ups and volunteer mentors – seniors and experts from all around the industry. Our goal is to help young game companies take flight faster and less painfully.

LGIN is completely free for the companies, and there are no strings attached. However, we do hope they’ll join the mentor pool in a couple of years. It’s all about giving back to the community.

Gaming and Film Industry Incubation

Tartu, EE –

Tartu Science Park and Tartu Centre for Creative Industries together with Tartu Film Foundation are calling gaming and film industry companies a unique incubation programme.

Technical competence and experience will be brought to participants together with APT Game Generator, Tartu Film Fund and international partners of Baltic Explorers project. Participants will have access to international mentors, free participation at international events and numerous relevant workshops. 

GamesPot Incubator

Kaunas, LT –

Organised by the Kaunas Science and Technology Park, the programme provides access to the know-how data that helps to run a business, connect participants with experts of the game industry, and provides the game companies with new insights. The workshops focus on a specific themes including Marketing, Team Management, Strategy, Design tendencies, Financing and Pitching.

Digital Dragons Incubator

Krakow, PL –

Individual editions targeting different platforms each time are organised by the Krakow Technology Park and the Digital Dragons Conference organisers.


Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (DE) –

Located within the premises of the Game Design department of the HTW Berlin (university of applied sciences), this incubator offers alumni and students the opportunity to provide guidance and support on their way to establishing a professional game studio.