BSGI Expert Workshop No. 2





International expert round on challenges of game developer incubation and business support and cross-examine your past and current practices and conceptions. How to lay the yellow brick road leading to entrepreneurial skills?

The project “Baltic Sea Game Incubation” is a follow-up of the “BGI Baltic Game Industry” project (funded by the Interreg-BSR programme). Our endeavour is to provide a sustainable expert environment and knowledge base on game developer incubation, acceleration and business support. Lively exchange amongst experts in this field will provide a fertile ground to further empower the “incubation / business support” ecosystem.

The expert rounds are designed to dive deeper into topics that are often not really questioned, even though there are many different approaches applied in the industry / community. The discussions should challenge the different underlying assumptions and enable the experts to critically re-think their own strategies and practices. To a certain extent, the series of discussions might lead to reshaping the current notion of “game incubation”, perhaps eventually arriving at a different design than the current one which seems heavily based on the model of IT and film incubation.

Our last discussion scrutinised “what is your target group?”, “why did you choose this group?” and “Is it the right group for your intentions?”. Supporting game developers in understanding the market and business, spans from unlocking potential to honing the skills through (pre-)incubation to acceleration (and seed investment). How much “entrepreneurial skills training” does that require? To judge by your discussions regarding target groups, be it graduates or splinters, hobby developers or award-winning start-ups, only few seem to happily embrace being guided along the yellow brick road of acquiring entrepreneurial skills. And what does that say about our support strategies? That they are forever doomed to fail grosso modo? So let’s question ourselves: “What is the right programme or approach for my target group?”, also in terms of scope and design. And follow up the question of “How to convey the importance of entrepreneurial competences?” with the interrogation of your approach on “how to entice teams to willingly strengthen these skills?”.

Our second expert round will take place on June 30, 2021.

  • Topic: Challenges of game developer incubation and business support and cross-examine your past and current practices and conceptions

The project Baltic Sea Game Incubation is financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, within the programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

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