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2021-03-04 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Case Study: Baltic Sea Game Incubation Project

Strenghtening incubation through collaboration. Read more

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2020-10-22 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

We need to talk about Steam & China

So, SteamDB creator and dataminer Pavel Djundik posted the above image mined from the latest Steam code. It’s not operational yet, but it seems to give an indication of what you might need - at some unknown and even possibly non-existent point in the future - to get your game approved on Steam in China. Read more

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2020-09-17 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Deep Dive: Game Investors

Looking at the game industry from an investor’s perspective. Read more

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2020-09-16 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

First-party PlayStation games priced from $49 to $69, with some also coming to PS4

The folks over at PlayStation have offered up a bit more information on their next generation plans following today’s big launch day reveal, most notably disclosing how much it’ll be charging for first-party titles on PlayStation 5. Read more

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2020-09-16 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

PlayStation 5 price revealed as $399 & $499, but it won’t see a cohesive global launch

While competing console maker Microsoft had its hand somewhat forced by leaking ahead of schedule, PlayStation has had the luxury of taking its sweet time sharing those same details with the world. Read more

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2020-09-07 Posted by Baltic Sea Games


The choice of the game platform is decisive for business planning Read more

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