Baltic Sea Games at devcom digital developer conference 2020

As part of devcom digital developer conference 2020, the Baltic Game Industry project is hosting the Baltic Sea Games pavilion with virtual booths for game incubators and selected studios of the Baltic Sea region (17-30 August).

Game studios from all European countries adjacent to the Baltic Sea will showcase their magnificent games in eight virtual booths. Baltic Sea Games will host its very own virtual booth to highlight the artistic creativity, diversity, and the business potential of the game industry of the Baltic Sea Region (see participant list below).

As part of the booth’s programme, Baltic Sea Games will feature Womenize!, an action platform for initiatives in games, tech, digital business and media to boost empowerment of underrepresented people and diversity. Both Womenize! sessions (20 August, 14h & 25 August, 14h) will include a live open forum with coach and consultant Ruth Lemmen, co-founder & ambassador Womenize! with the title „Ask me anything on how to enter or apply for a job in the games industry“. Tune in to ask your questions!

Check the programme of the Baltic Sea Games booth for other live events such as a session with three Berlin game business coaches, or a talk on the Finnish Game Industry with Neogames, the Finnish Games Association. Stay tuned for presentations of game events, game incubators, game study programmes, interviews and more (see programme below).

The booth will feature two themed days, a “Women in Games” day on 25 August and a “Serious Games” day on 27 August in conjunction with our panel “How do we incubate for non-entertainment game production?” which is part of the official devcom programme (15-16h, Stage 2, 16-17h discussion with the panelists and incubation staff in the Baltic Sea Games booth).

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Baltic Sea Games, a brand established by the EU-Interreg Baltic Game Industry (BGI) project connects the Baltic Sea Region and its game industries under an umbrella identity. With BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH as lead partner, the eight European countries adjacent to the Baltic Sea join forces to strengthen the visibility for their game industries and facilitate access to this important market.

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