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2021-11-02 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

BSGI: “Workshop Concept for Game Industry Mentors”

The Workshop Concept for Game Industry Mentors is part of BSGI’s whitepaper on competence building for mentors and investors. The white paper will provide a full documentation, insights as to consideration and choices and an assessment of the success of the concept, as well as recommendations, the mentor workshop concept will serve as a short and comprehensive handbook for the organisation of such an event. Read more

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2021-11-01 Posted by Serenad Yilmaz-Rau


Read more

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2021-10-18 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

3rd BSGI Transnational Webinar VOD!

Check out Baltic Sea Games’ third Transnational Webinar! Read more

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2021-08-25 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Concept for Transnational Incubation Formats

This document summarises the decision-making process and the rationale behind the chosen concepts for each of our three formats - Transnational Webinars, Autumn Camp & Themed Workshop Read more

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2021-06-25 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

BSGI Transnational Webinar VODs!

Check out Baltic Sea Games' first two transnational webinars! Read more

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2021-06-24 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Concept for Game Mentoring and Investment Workshops

The concept for game mentoring and investment workshops translates the intention of work package 2 to pilot transnational actions that would encourage the private-for-profit sector to engage with incubators and start-ups. Read more

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2021-05-31 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Methodological Framework for an Enhanced Incubation Roadmap

This document presents a methodological framework for an enhanced roadmap as a durable tool for the discovery of pertaining knowledge on game incubation and for the retrieval of valuable information for the game incubation community. Read more

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2021-04-26 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Case Study: VDC Extracurricular Education

Investing in citizens’ digital competences. Read more

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2021-04-01 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Nordisk Games acquires 30% stake in Supermassive

Nordisk Games has acquired a minority ownership share in Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games. Read more

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2021-01-18 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Interview with Riad Djemili of Maschinen-Mensch (“Curious Expedition 2”) & Saftladen Berlin

This interview with Riad Djemili of Maschinen-Mensch ("Curious Expedition 2)" & Saftladen Berlin was conducted as part of the brand promotion for "Baltic Sea Games". Read more

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