Interview with Riad Djemili of Maschinen-Mensch (“Curious Expedition 2”) & Saftladen Berlin

This interview with Riad Djemili of Maschinen-Mensch (“Curious Expedition 2)” & Saftladen Berlin was conducted as part of the brand promotion for “Baltic Sea Games”.


Curious Expedition 2 on Steam:…

The State of Berlin, supported by BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH, as lead partner of the EU-Interreg project Baltic Game Industry, realised this interview.

Video production by Andreas Janthur:

Baltic Sea Games acts as a central point of contact for the video game industries of the Baltic Sea region. This joint presence facilitates not only easier access, e.g. for investors, but also increases the visibility of the Baltic Sea region as a hotspot for its growing video game industry within the EU and worldwide.




Baltic Sea Games by the project Baltic Sea Game Incubation is financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, within the programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

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