BSGI: “Workshop Concept for Game Industry Mentors”

The Workshop Concept for Game Industry Mentors is part of BSGI’s whitepaper on competence building for mentors and investors. The white paper will provide a full documentation, insights as to consideration and choices and an assessment of the success of the concept, as well as recommendations, the mentor workshop concept will serve as a short and comprehensive handbook for the organisation of such an event.

This mentor workshop concept is meant to be used as a guideline for organising workshops for current and aspiring game industry mentors. The main goals of this workshop concept are to encourage and train game industry professionals to mentor and to give them an opportunity to network and get peer support.

The assumed target group of the workshop consists of industry professionals, and networking is one of the core goals. Because of this, the concept has a heavy emphasis on peer learning. Less weight is put on traditional lecturing or information content.

However, the contents of each block can easily be tailored to better fit the exact needs of each workshop organiser and target group. The length of the workshop can also easily be altered by adding or removing content blocks. Read the block descriptions at the end of this document carefully to understand the function of each block before making changes. The core functions of the blocks are also color coded in the image.

This mentor workshop concept was developed by the Baltic Sea Games Incubation (BSGI) project, based on research, a test run, a workshop pilot and attendee feedback. A full description of the research, test run, pilot and feedback are also published by the project. The concept (excluding its photographs) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The project Baltic Sea Game Incubation is financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, within the programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

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