Concept for Game Mentoring and Investment Workshops

The concept for game mentoring and investment workshops translates the intention of work package 2 to pilot transnational actions that would encourage the private-for-profit sector to engage with incubators and start-ups.

A healthy business ecosystem needs certain support structures for start-ups and entrepreneurship to ensure its continuous growth and influx of young talents. Incubators and accelerators are the most common forms of business development support for IT and games industries. Among the most important areas they provide help with are funding and knowledge sharing, for which the most important people are investors and mentors. For sustainable growth and development, an ecosystem needs their business developers to be able to involve and collaborate with savvy investors and a culture of mentorship. Consequently, the remit of incubators and accelerators should include supporting the individuals willing to invest money and /or time.

These are the goals of work package 2 of the BSGI project:

  • to pilot  capacity building models for investments and mentoring  in the game industry by finding ways to support current and prospective game investors and mentors
  • to demonstrate the added value of such support for the business development programmes, thus offering higher quality and efficient support for young game studios and start-up teams.
  • to encourage incubators, accelerators and similar interest organisations to collaborate in the organisation of such support measures

This document describes the research, planning and efforts taken towards those goals in spring 2021.

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