Recommendations for the Implementation of VR Applications in Other Industries

One of the many goals of the Baltic Game Industry project is the piloting of the implementation of Virtual Reality (VR) in a non-gaming context, in this case, for the health sector.

The DE:HIVE is a branch of the game design study programme of the HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences, dedicated to creating virtual applications in cooperation with researchers and scientists. Working with a diverse team of artists, programmers, game designers and engineers under the leadership of Prof. Susanne Brandhorst and Prof. Thomas Bremer, our goal is to create and enrich digital applications for training, assessment, therapy, education, etc.

Using a method called “Game Thinking”1Explained e.g. here:, we work in close cooperation with researchers to find the best design solutions for the needs of a non-game application by transferring game design principles and best practices to a non-game context. When creating a new application for a specific sector, many factors have to be considered.

The following guide will provide insights and experience gained from creating a VR application for the health sector in close cooperation with Prof. Dr Simone Kühn of University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) who is in charge of the researchers that the application was created for. Aimed at designers and researchers, this guide will not only cover the technological and design considerations necessary but will also show the importance of clear communication between the different professions to ensure the best results.

Scientists and designers are experts in their respective fields but therefore misconceptions on both sides might occur during cooperation. This guide will cover common misconceptions to enhance the communication between the experts involved.

In addition, this guide will also give advice on the advantages or different VR devices and what to consider when planning a new XR application, based on the findings from developing also an Extended Reality (XR) application that DE:HIVE created during the Baltic Game Industry project.

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