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2020-12-07 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

VR Health Reference Model

The VR Health Reference Model forms the basis for an efficient and successful implementation of VR technology and software in health institutions across the BSR. Read more

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2020-11-30 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Cross-Sectoral Potential of the Game Industry – EU-Level

The aim of this paper is to provide some critical insight into the range of political support for the European game industry on the EU policy level, particularly focussing on the industry’s huge technological potential to cross-fertiliseother economic sectors. It will draw conclusions where further action is needed. Read more

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2020-11-26 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Recommendations for the Implementation of VR Applications in Other Industries

One of the many goals of the Baltic Game Industry project is the piloting of the implementation of Virtual Reality (VR) in a non-gaming context, in this case, for the health sector. Read more

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2020-11-25 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Game Incubation Landscape in Europe

Appraisal of the game Incubation landscape of the Baltic Sea region in the European context. Read more

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2020-11-25 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Game Incubator Challenges, Development & Insights

Implementation examples of game incubation services and incubator operation schemes. Read more

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2020-11-24 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Game Business Framework Conditions

BGI project results on improvements for framework conditions of the game industry in the Baltic Sea region. Read more

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2020-11-19 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

The Game Mile – Grenaa

This video is about a very unique mile in Denmark. In the city of Grenaa one can find “The Game Mile” – the ecosystem of education and business for computer games. Read more

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2020-11-16 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

(Ger.) Abschlussevent BGI

Die Senatskanzlei Berlin und die BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH laden Sie herzlich ein zur Online-Veranstaltung “Good-bye Baltic Game Industry – Hello Baltic Sea Games” am 18. November, 14:00-16:00 Uhr! Read more

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2020-10-21 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Did you know that every 8th person in the world has played a game made by Swedes?

Promotional film release in October 2020 by the Swedish Games Industry in collaboration with Invest Stockholm. Read more

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2020-09-30 Posted by Baltic Sea Games

Baltic Game Industry: Latvia

Promotional video about Latvia's game industry. Read more

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